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Paving contractors first used diesel fuel as an asphalt release agent to reduce build up in truck beds and pickup on equipment.  However, diesel was not a long-term solution for several reasons.

First, the diesel fuel raised concerns about possible contamination to job site soil and nearby ground water. Then, the fumes from the fuel could adversely affect the health of the paving crew. Finally, the largest barrier to adopting diesel as an asphalt release agent was the simple fact that diesel can cut through an asphalt mat, thereby reducing its strength and quality. When fine particles separate from the aggregate structure and adhere to the surface of the roller leaving openings in the asphalt mat. Many state DOT’s have banned use of diesel fuel as an asphalt release agent because it damages and weakens the mat surface.

Looking for a safer and more effective alternative, State D.O.T agencies took notice and banned the use of diesel fuel as an asphalt release agent. There are many kinds of asphalt release agents available these days. Silicon-based, vegetable oil, or peanut oil based, and emulsified wax-base. These commercial asphalt release agents are highly effective lubricants that do not cause asphalt mix to break down like diesel does. Most State D.O.T.

Agencies have approved products lists of asphalt release agents as well as guidelines for what kind of agent is appropriate for a particular asphalt mix. First, be sure to review your state's requirements for asphalt release agents before purchase. Next, select a suitable asphalt release agent to prevent asphalt pickup and contamination to paving equipment which will eventually cause maintenance problems and cost you money.

A good asphalt release agent is “ preventive maintenance”. Asphalt release agents provides a lubricating barrier between the tires of a pneumatic roller and the asphalt mat. This barrier prevents the petroleum-based asphalt from bonding to rubber tires. Asphalt release agents are now being used throughout the asphalt industry with all types of paving equipment. Applying the state approved asphalt release agent to pneumatic rollers and steel-wheel rollers proved a solution to the pick up problem and allows quality to the finished product. Keeping a state approved asphalt release agent on the job site also allows the contractor to keep his tools and equipment clean and free from build up and saves valuable time and money.

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