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BIO-GREEN 808 is among the most versatile degreasers of auto and aircraft engines, chassis and other parts, cleaning vinyl, plastic, leather upholstery, painted and unpainted machinery and equipment. It is also used for stripping and cleaning greasy composition floors, cleaning terrazzo, ceramic tiles and concrete.

Our Degreaser is comprised of high-grade wetting and penetrating agents that dislodge stubborn contaminates from washable surfaces, and provides sheet-rinsing action for a non-slippery finish.

Degreaser Uses and Benefits

Advantages of BIO-GREEN 808 Degrease

General Use: Most soils can be easily removed with Grease Strip simply by washing or rinsing off. Some light agitation may be required where stubborn soils exist. Apply with a brush, sprayer, pressure washer, foam gun, or mop. Agitate the surface to loosen the soils. Rinse with clear water. It reduces oil and grease into smaller and smaller droplets until they become part of the water solution and not redeposit back onto the surface. Safe To Use - a non-petroleum based product, will reduce problems normally associated with petroleum based products which, in the past, were widely used as cleaning products.

BIO-GREEN 808 Degreaser in Action

G-De-Grease G-De-Grease

One application of degreaser gave these results. Simply spray it on and wipe it off. These results were achieved in under 5 minutes. With G-De-GreaseTM, you can clean every part of your truck!

Pricing Information
Bio-Green 808 - [Solvent-based] Min. Qty Weight (lb) Price
5 gal pail 11 pails 45 $80.60
55 gal drum MTO 500 $779.50
G-Degrease - [Water-based] Min. Qty Weight (lb) Price
5 gal pail 11 pails 40 $200.00
55 gal drum   500 $1,180.00

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