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BIO-Release Concrete Form Release Agent

Use on bare plywood, plywood-faced handset forms, steel forms, HDO, MDO, flastic, and fiberglass. Distance between form and spray tip is constant; typically between 12 to 18 inches. For best results, use 30 to 35 psi. Pressures higher than 40 PSI will generally result in unwanted airborne particulates. A fan spray tip is preferred over the conical spray tip, and fan nozzles should be typically between 40 degrees and 80 degrees.

Use on forms in service and in storage. Rusty forms, used as is, will promote sticking and staining. Rust should be removed, normally by steel brush grinders, and the forms seasoned before returning to production.


Concrete Release Agent is Ideal For:

Pricing Information
BIO-Release Min. Qty Weight (lb) Price
5 gal pail 11 pails 45 $116.00
55 gal drum 500 $1,050.00

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